Marxist Happy About Capitalism


"In 2005 I sold 500 copies, then 800 in 2006 and 1,300 in 2007. In the first nine months of 2008 I am already at 1,500" said Joern Schuetrumpf, head of Karl Dietz Verlag, which specialises in communist literature. Karl Marx's best seller Capital has nearly tripled in three years, reflecting a global turn from free-wheeling capitalism, or Capitalism Run Wild, as it is known in the professional wrestling circuit.

Barack Obama, who has aspirations to one day become America's Dear Leader, has been frequently seen pulling out his copy of Capital during teleprompter malfunctions at campaign events. Senator John McCain, Obama's hopeless rival in the US Presidential race, has tried relentlessly to tie Obama to Marx.

"It may surprise you that Karl Marx used to go to the Stock Exchange together down in William Ayers' basement," McCain said earlier today. A campaign official quickly noted that the Arizona Senator has not yet had his daily Ginkgo Biloba. "The story is only half accurate... given that Marx has been dead for well over 100 years. But Senator Obama should give an account of this association. If it were real."

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Lisa Campagna said...

Ginko. Isn't that a gateway drug? I'd so rather vote for a Muslim than a druggie. 'Cause Obama's totally a Muslim. Whenever he uses a word that has an "ah" sound in it, he totally uses an "ah" sound. Which is almost like saying "Allah." Almost totally.