93% of Americans Aware of Election Year

A new poll by the associated press has found that 93% of Americans are well aware that this is an election year.

"You know, I thought something was up after I started seeing all these commercials for these guys," one respondent responded. "That usually only happens when there's an election coming up."

Another person in the poll shared his feelings. "I didn't realize just how bad things were. Normally a poor economy and high unemployment rate just kind of gets swept under the rug. Because the potential future leaders of the country were talking about it, I knew it was an election year. When they get elected, they just say everything's fine."

Although the sample poll had an error margin of 3%, pollsters managed to talk to a few pollees who were polled about the election.

"Mmmm! Pickles are good," said one individual, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another unaware respondent was quite frank about his opinion. "Look, I don't know who gave you my number or what, but I'm so sick of those Viagra commercials. If I cared about an erection year, I'd let you know. 'Click.'"

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Lisa Campagna said...

Polls, pollees, pollsters, pickles and, er, penile predicaments. There's nothing like a good election season, is there?

Brandon Anderson said...

Haha... well done, friend. Well done. Erections.

LindsRay said...

I simply report the facts, like a good journalist.

Brandon Anderson said...

I like how the three contributors here are the most frequent comment-leavers.

Lisa Campagna said...

I thought that, too. The numbers are impressive.. until you start clicking on them. At least we're cracking OURSELVES up. Haha.