ALARMING NEWS: Election over too early, millions returning to polls.

In an astounding move, major news corporations have declared Barack H. Obama the Future Leader of the Free World. This took place around 11:10 pm Tuesday night.

Millions of Americans, many of whom had called in "sick" or had taken vacation days for Wednesday, Nov. 5th, have returned to voting locations to vote again. "I done called out for Wednesday," Buttstick, Mississippi voter Jimmy Bo Bob Dale Avery said. "Me an' my uncle wuz gunna sit up all night drinking, watchin' the election. Now what?" So, Mr. Avery did the logical thing and went back to his polling place to vote again.

"I just thought that maybe if I voted again, it would keep it on later," Mr. Avery added.


Lisa Campagna said...

What a letdown. Months of buildup and it's over in one night. I think it's DWMReport's responsibility to create another huge national, um, something, so everyone has a reason to fight, run misleading ads, spend lots of money on clothes, and talk about, you know, economies. And Russia. Don't forget about Russia.

Brandon Anderson said...

I just laugh and laugh everytime I look at that picture.